Please be aware that our software does not include any OpenText Documentum licenses that you may require.
Please check with your OpenText sales support if you are not sure about your licenses.

Our latest ImportAnt 2018 for OpenText Documentum evaluation release is dated 2018-03-30 (March 2018) and is now available for download.

New in this version is support for using DMCL.dll and DFC. The old DMCL40.dll is still supported in case you use a Documentum 6.6 or lower version. DMCL.dll/DFC is recommended for Documentum 7 or later.
Downloading is possible after registration/activation and login on our website.

Other new features introduced in this version are:

  • support for comma's and quotes in file and folder names
  • better error reporting in the Excel report you can generate as the last step of the import process, to check if all documents have been correctly imported and determine any rework.

ImportAnt 2018 is supported on Windows 10 and Windows 7. It can be run on Windows 2014 server or other versions, although we have not tested this.